When receiving a dental implant as a solution for a missing tooth, embedding the post into your jawbone is merely the first step. The next step is to receive an implant restoration. Some patients will be able to receive the restoration immediately during the same procedure. For others, it may take as much as a few months to allow the titanium implant to integrate with your bone tissue. Once our dentist and team have deemed you ready for the restoration, we can place it over the post to restore oral function and fill out your smile.

If you are replacing one tooth, you will be given a dental crown. For individuals replacing some or all of their teeth, restorations like dental bridges and dentures can be customized for you. Each restoration is custom made from a resin porcelain composite that looks like enamel and is made to fit snugly with your other teeth. You will be able to eat the foods you love again and smile confidently with your dental restoration.

Our dentist will go over your options with you during a consultation and discuss the steps of the process in regard to your specific case. Give us a call to schedule your consultation with us!